The Starting Rotation Should Evolve Soon

JT Brubaker toed the rubber in the Pirates unofficial house of horrors last night, confident everything would finally come together for him. He pitched with a good pace, firing the ball back to Roberto Perez seemingly seconds after receiving it and had genuinely good stuff all night.

Pitching, The Pirates, and Why We Just Can’t Get on the Same Page

I’m not sure ‘better’ will be enough next year, so I truly hope they see this too and prepare to adjust, if they don’t they run the risk of wasting some of the talent they worked so hard to acquire, and quite simply the Pittsburgh

The 2022 Pitching Staff Needs Investment, but What Kind?

2022 is a year where the Pirates will have to strike a balance, they still need to make room for young players to have opportunity, but at the same time they must also secure some semblance of professionalism for the few answers they’ve already found.

From a Waiver Pickup to a Reliable Reliever

Before the 2020 season started in July, I had a conversation in a Rum Bunter recap about one of the Pirates’ exhibition games against Cleveland. The comment I specifically took note of was one about how Chris Stratton, a reliever in Pittsburgh’s bullpen, had been bad in 2019.