Don’t Be Shocked if Joe Musgrove is the Only Other Move Before the Season

Now, before we dig in on this please don’t confuse this with the team feeling they’re competitive or asking far too much for assets, no, this is more about reading the tea leaves and making some assumptions based on what the market is telling us.

New Year, Ne….Never mind, It’s The Pirates

Yesterday marked the beginning of the first full week of the MLB off-season in the new year; a time of new beginnings and resolutions, along with hopeful optimism, no matter how realistic any of these might be in the long term. For Pittsburgh Pirates Fans the 2020 season, and the few months that followed, wereContinue reading “New Year, Ne….Never mind, It’s The Pirates”

Pittsburgh Pirates Fans Are Experiencing Full Fledged Trade Envy

The past few days all Major League Baseball transactions trackers have been on high alert as rumors quickly began to swirl and permeate, ultimately resulting in a flurry of moves, which quickly transformed the Hot Stove from a slow simmer to a rapid boil. Over a twenty-four hour span the San Diego Padres acquired bothContinue reading “Pittsburgh Pirates Fans Are Experiencing Full Fledged Trade Envy”

Why the Pirates Can’t Build on This Core

Let me start by saying this, it’s not all about money. Certainly some of it is but even the Dodgers would take two looks at this roster and turn it over. Now, they wouldn’t go about it in the same way, but they certainly wouldn’t rest on this roster believing they were close.