After “Playing It Safe” With 1:1, Cherington Goes All In At The Start Of Day Two

As soon as MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred announced that Pittsburgh had selected Henry Davis-Catcher from Louisville-as the First Overall Pick in the 2021 MLB Amateur Draft, every Pirates Fan-even those who had only loosely followed discussions leading up to Sunday-knew exactly what General Manager Ben Cherington’s strategy was going to be for at least theContinue reading “After “Playing It Safe” With 1:1, Cherington Goes All In At The Start Of Day Two”

As the Road Begins for Some Pirates, it Ends for Others

This is the natural order of things. Being drafted and signed by a Major League Baseball team means you’re one of the relatively small percentage of people who have been deemed good enough for a team to invest in your raw talent and believe in your makeup enough to trust you’ll take to instruction.

The Pirates Start A Little First Round Shake Up By Selecting Henry Davis

7-11-21 – By Craig Toth In the days leading up to the MLB Draft it seemed very likely, according to experts and amateurs alike, that Marcelo Mayer would come off the board first for your Pittsburgh Pirates. Other mentioned options included Jack Leiter, Jordan Lawlar, Khalil Watson and one Henry Davis. As we all knowContinue reading “The Pirates Start A Little First Round Shake Up By Selecting Henry Davis”

The Pirates Draft: Beyond The 1:1

Not surprisingly most of the Pirates MLB Draft Discussion has surrounded who General Manager Ben Cherington and Pittsburgh will select with the First Overall Pick; mostly due to the contrast between people who think a high school shortstop is a wasted selection, those who believe Jack Leiter is an organizational changing player, groups who wantContinue reading “The Pirates Draft: Beyond The 1:1”

Development Update: Pirates Prospects Ready to Move Up

Help is coming, it just takes some time. I have no problem with people taking a stab at who will play where in whatever year you want to target, but to use a phrase from my youth, sh** happens.

Tucker’s Time Is Running Out

It has been over two years, as far as the calendar is concerned, since the Pirates #5 Prospect at the time, Cole Tucker, stepped into the batters box during his first Major League start and proceeded to walk off the game versus the Giants with a 2-run blast into the PIRATES bushes. Since that timeContinue reading “Tucker’s Time Is Running Out”