Doing Good is Always Good, Even if Bob Nutting Was Involved

Baseball and sports in general are taken for granted as well. We spend our time parsing every word the players put on social media. We propose trades of players that have been part of our community for the best part of a decade without a second thought.

xERA:The Lost Metric

Imagine working on something so hard for months and possibly years, only to have unveiled at a time when no one is paying attention. As most of you probably know by now, I am a pretty big “stats nerd” and spend a lot of my time in the Nerd Cave, compiling and comparing MLB playersContinue reading “xERA:The Lost Metric”

Friday Focus – How Short is Too Short for an MLB Season Pirates Fans?

MLB and team executives are meeting regularly with the Players Union. If this were a normal season and we were heading closer to regular season play in 2020, I might follow that revelation with discussion of the new CBA and the challenges that lie ahead there.

Through The Prospect Port Hole: Yerry De Los Santos

When players are injured, especially early on in their professional careers, they often get lost in the shuffle; long forgotten by even the most avid prospect junkie. For some they fade to obscurity, never to be heard from again, while others burst back onto the scene and make us remember the potential that existed whenContinue reading “Through The Prospect Port Hole: Yerry De Los Santos”

In A World of Uncertainty

When will Major League Baseball start again? No one knows! Every date given thus far is just a shot in the dark, grasping at straws for a beacon of hope. In the past few days it has gone from a two week to an eight week delay. That is the bare minimum; an optimistic outlookContinue reading “In A World of Uncertainty”

Worth The Gamble

Every night at 7 PM no matter what was going on, my Grandparents’ television had to be tuned into the Pennsylvania Lottery to see if they won the daily number drawing and almost every time they came up empty handed. There would be conversations about how they were one number off or it was aContinue reading “Worth The Gamble”