Through The Prospect Porthole: A Year Without Minor League Baseball

This past weekend I had the privilege of speaking with several members of the Pittsburgh Pirates 2020 Draft and UDFA Class, all of whom are currently participating in the Instructional League at the Pirates Spring Training Facilitates in Bradenton, Florida. As each interview progressed I always found myself coming around to their individual draft experienceContinue reading “Through The Prospect Porthole: A Year Without Minor League Baseball”

Pirates Youth Movement: Top Prospects Highlight Instructional League Roster

It goes without saying that this spring and summer was full of disappointments for Pirates fans and those within the Pittsburgh organization; from the Front Office, all the way down to the most recently drafted and acquired players. Much of this goes beyond the 19-41 record, accumulating injuries and underwhelming individual performances on the bigContinue reading “Pirates Youth Movement: Top Prospects Highlight Instructional League Roster”

The Pirates Rule 5 Protection Plan

Whenever the Rule 5 Draft is brought up to Pirates Fans it’s almost a guarantee that you will hear about how Pittsburgh acquired “The Great One” Roberto Clemente in 1954, even though the Dodgers tried, unsuccessfully” to hide him in Montreal. Now we all know that a move like this one is extremely unlikely; especiallyContinue reading “The Pirates Rule 5 Protection Plan”

The Pirates Arbitration Overload

The Major League Baseball Playoffs are in full swing, but for the Pittsburgh Pirates and a handful of other ball clubs, the off-season has already begun. Setting lineups, in game decisions and the often revolving door to and from the alternate site in Altoona are all distant memories. Now some true tests of the PiratesContinue reading “The Pirates Arbitration Overload”

Rewrite The Script

As I sat down to watch the MLB Playoffs over the past week or so as a fan of game, not just the Pittsburgh Pirates, I was inundated with catchphrases, rallying cries, alternative nicknames and hashtags for the teams that were left chasing a very unique World Series Championship. #ChangeTheGame for the White Sox, #FlipTheScriptContinue reading “Rewrite The Script”

Where Could Josh Bell Land if the Pirates Want to Deal Him?

Before we get into this too deep, there is a belief that Josh Bell is a better DH option than First Baseman, the evidence is pretty clear if you watch him play everyday but most GMs won’t have that intimacy.

Pirates Top Five Prospect Edition: A Way Too Early Projection Of The 26 Man Roster

The dust hasn’t completely settled from the Pirates disappointing 19-41 season and we are still about a month away from decisions concerning options and qualifying offers for arbitration, as well as the beginning of free agency, yet I can’t stop myself from thinking about the composition of Pittsburgh Opening Day Roster for 2021; especially theContinue reading “Pirates Top Five Prospect Edition: A Way Too Early Projection Of The 26 Man Roster”

Pirates Are In The Business Of Identifying Talent and Value, As Well As A Lack Thereof

Baseball is team sport; always has been and always will be. And as a team sport, a ball club can only be as good as their weakest link or in the Pirates case this year, links and one great player, no matter the position, can’t carry his team to a World Series alone. A startingContinue reading “Pirates Are In The Business Of Identifying Talent and Value, As Well As A Lack Thereof”

Through The Prospect Porthole: Eye On The Future

In the shortened 2020 Pittsburgh Pirates Season we have seen quite a few prospects given the opportunity to perform. Some of been given longer leashes than others and at least one in particular looks like he is here to stay. In only 24 games and 85 at bats Hayes launched 5 home runs and 14Continue reading “Through The Prospect Porthole: Eye On The Future”