Can Cole Tucker Finally Emerge?

Spring is Spring. We just watched Kevin Newman hit .600 last year and bomb the entire season. None of what we’ve seen from Tucker means he’s finally going to look like a first round pick, but it’s fair to say he’s earned another shot, one I sincerely doubted he’d get.

Sam Howard Finds Himself in a Competition for Innings

Whether or not you believe the Pirates’ options are good is a different story, but there are definitely options. The first month or two will be crucial for Sam Howard, and how it plays out will be largely up to him. 

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

We’re getting close to the start of the regular season, in fact there will only be one more Five Thoughts before we get there and the opening day roster is starting to take shape, yes, even if you don’t like the shape it’s taking.

The Pirates Best Players Should Play….Right?

This is the easiest question in sports, well it sure as hell should be anyway, yet every year here we all are, arguing and passionately fighting for one side or another with every prospect who looks close.

Let’s Take a Stab at the Pirates Position Players and a Lineup

We’re quickly approaching the get serious part of Spring Training, you know, the time when you start seeing pitchers try to go 4 or 5 innings or position players start getting 4 or 5 at bats in a game.

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

Boy was it nice to hear the crack of the bat and see some of these guys do their thing on the diamond again this weekend. Baseball has not solved it’s problems but the game itself is still beautiful to watch.

A Difficult Pirates Payroll Discussion We Just Have to Have

They could and should spend more money, but let’s at least have conversations about what, and where instead of yelling out some number that makes you feel good.