A Difficult Pirates Payroll Discussion We Just Have to Have

They could and should spend more money, but let’s at least have conversations about what, and where instead of yelling out some number that makes you feel good.

Kevin Newman: From Top Prospect to Prospect Seat Warmer

He’s a first round pick, a terrific defender and notoriously the negative launch angle leader on this club for 3 seasons running. He’s a cautionary tale of believing all the can’t miss you see in a system too.

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

Baseball is back on the field, but none of us forget what we just went through. Nobody forgets that the system didn’t change for the better or that the owner still isn’t spending, but it’s also time to realize at some point baseball on the field takes precedence.

The Pirates Catching Position Must Be Addressed

Here’s the thing, it’s not like catching isn’t important to this management team. They drafted one number one overall, actually nixed a deal with Philly because a catcher they wanted wasn’t involved.

Top Five Pirates Prospects: Odd Men Out

3-12-22 By Craig W. Toth (aka @BucsBasement On Twitter) It’s amazing how much things can change from one moment to the next based simply on a singular event or decision. Earlier this week-and for the previous three plus months-the news surrounding Major League Baseball focused mostly on the continuous CBA Negotiations, the MLB Lockout andContinue reading “Top Five Pirates Prospects: Odd Men Out”