Top Targets in the Rule 5 Draft

Now that every team in MLB has decided who they wanted to protect in the upcoming Rule 5 draft, it’s time to dig in and get out the sifter looking for any stray nuggets that might have slipped through the cracks.

Figuring Out The Pirates 40-Man: Who’s Safe And Who Might Not Be

Do you hear that sound? It’s the keyboards pounding, teeth gnashing, alerts sounding, pages refreshing as Pittsburgh Pirates Fans furious debate the official opening of the team’s off-season.

Rule Five Protection Deadline is the 19th, What Can We Expect From The Pirates

11-15-21 – By Gary Morgan & Craig W. Toth – @garymo2007 & @BucsBasement on Twitter Gary – I think it was probably back in May when Craig and I first started turning our gaze toward this date, well, at least out of the corner of our eyes. We’ve warned, worried and after the trade deadlineContinue reading “Rule Five Protection Deadline is the 19th, What Can We Expect From The Pirates”

Pirates Rule 5 Decisions Have Moved To The Forefront

During the Pittsburgh Pirates most recent season, more eyes and ears were directed towards the Farm System than I can really remember, at least in my recent memory. Part of this obviously was due to the fact of the product that was on the field at PNC Park, but the more obvious reason was theContinue reading “Pirates Rule 5 Decisions Have Moved To The Forefront”

Cherington Smartly Stocks Up On Pitching In The Rule 5 Draft

Prior to a little after 12 PM EST the 2020 Winter Meetings had been fairly quiet for General Manager Ben Cherington and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Sure there were some trade rumors, as Gary wrote about yesterday , but those are to be expected during this time of year; even when they involve potentially unexpected pieces,Continue reading “Cherington Smartly Stocks Up On Pitching In The Rule 5 Draft”

Breaking Down The Pirates Rule 5 Draft Possibilities

Ever since the deadline passed to protect players from the Rule 5 Draft, Pirates Fans and media members alike have taken to social media, as well as their own sites and publications, to inform the masses of potential targets that other teams around Major League Baseball chose not to add to their 40-man rosters. TheseContinue reading “Breaking Down The Pirates Rule 5 Draft Possibilities”

The Pirates Rule 5 Protection Plan

Whenever the Rule 5 Draft is brought up to Pirates Fans it’s almost a guarantee that you will hear about how Pittsburgh acquired “The Great One” Roberto Clemente in 1954, even though the Dodgers tried, unsuccessfully” to hide him in Montreal. Now we all know that a move like this one is extremely unlikely; especiallyContinue reading “The Pirates Rule 5 Protection Plan”