Sports Constantly Evolve, So Why Do We Always Hate the Changes?

Sports are a huge part of my life and every sport I watch has changed rules and style of play over the years. For some changes there aren’t any hard and fast points where you can say the switch flipped. For others rule changes prompted the seismic shift in our games.

Back to the Future, the National League Set to Roll Back the Designated Hitter

For one short season, every professional league in baseball used a designated hitter. There were a lot of fights about implementing the rule in the National League but once it was here it suddenly just became baseball again.

The Game Has Changed, and It’s Not Just the Rules

I’ve been a baseball fan for the better part of 40 years and in that time the game of baseball has evolved. I have to imagine for those of you who’ve been watching even longer the game is barely recognizable.

Let’s Have a Realistic Pirates Trade Deadline Talk

I know, I know, trade ‘em all, they stink. Maybe in the off season you’ll get your wish, personally I believe what the club will actually do will leave many feeling they didn’t go far enough and many believing they gave away everything.