Pirates (13-17) Drop Series to Padres, Brubaker Fights Through 5.2 for No Decision

Before I get into this game in particular, this was a fun series. Lots of good defense especially from Kim Ha-seong and Erik Gonzalez. Kim played 2B, SS and 3B consecutively giving each of the Padres big three a night off during the series and he just shined.

Keller Comes Out Strong Against The Padres

Through his first five starts of the season, Mitch Keller has been the very definition of Jekyll and Hyde; either wild and outside of zone, while hanging sliders for batters to punish, or in command and pounding the zone as he fools hitters with the off speed and overpowers them with the fastball. The strangestContinue reading “Keller Comes Out Strong Against The Padres”

Pirates Fall 6-2 to Friars, Oviedo Gets Touched for 5 Runs

Trevor Cahill as I’ve noted multiple times now will look like he did tonight just about as often as you’ll see what he showed you in the first. A good team will take advantage of your low man on the totem giving you a nice start, a below average club will often squander the advantage.