A Difficult Pirates Payroll Discussion We Just Have to Have

They could and should spend more money, but let’s at least have conversations about what, and where instead of yelling out some number that makes you feel good.

Some Realistic Free Agent Targets for the Pirates

It’s hard to broach the subject of free agency as a Pittsburgh Pirates fan. What they need isn’t really realistic to expect them to get. They are fighting an owner who hasn’t opened the pocket book since 2016 and on top of that, it’s always a challenge to lure a free agent to sign with a team mired in a half decade long rebuild effort. Nobody wants to be the first.

Off Season Priorities for the Pirates

Of all the deadline driven decisions the Pirates will have to make with the 40-man and arbitration, there are a few things the Pirates in my mind absolutely have to nail right on the head. Swing and miss here and this whole thing doesn’t come together the way we hope.

Top Ten Pirates Spring Storylines to Watch

The first game of Spring is scheduled for next Sunday, and thank God because it gets really old listening to all the platitudes and fluff that everyone has to put out from the time pitchers and catchers report to the time they throw a pitch in anger.

The MLB Free Agent Market, and Ways the Pirates Could Play It

Did you ever fully expect something to happen, then as you watch it unfold you somehow still sit there with your jaw open wondering what’s going on? That’s me right now.