The Pirates Need to Take a Step Forward, It Simply Won’t Happen Without Investment

Craig and I put out our first pass at the 40-man roster. It was intentionally left as is with very few changes because we believe if you don’t tell and show people the problems they’ll never understand the things that have to happen, or the difficulties they present.

Time for the MLB Draft to Evolve

You know, it’s really hard to get excited for the MLB draft. I mean this season the Pirates have the number one overall and I bet even that will only prompt real nuts die hands to watch. It’s not an event, little drama, the athlete’s stories are often pretty vanilla, and you know for damnContinue reading “Time for the MLB Draft to Evolve”

Sports Constantly Evolve, So Why Do We Always Hate the Changes?

Sports are a huge part of my life and every sport I watch has changed rules and style of play over the years. For some changes there aren’t any hard and fast points where you can say the switch flipped. For others rule changes prompted the seismic shift in our games.

The Game Has Changed, and It’s Not Just the Rules

I’ve been a baseball fan for the better part of 40 years and in that time the game of baseball has evolved. I have to imagine for those of you who’ve been watching even longer the game is barely recognizable.

Five Pirates Thoughts

There is something calming about your baseball team hitting. At the end of the day, it won’t erase what’s happened but it sure makes watching more fun. Let’s talk about a few things going on and see if we can’t jump start our thought process on this overcast Sunday Morning shall we? 1. Why Don’tContinue reading “Five Pirates Thoughts”