Shelton Lineups Essential To Pirates Development Ke’Bryan Hayes got a long-term extension from the Pittsburgh Pirates with less than a full season of at bats under his belt. We will tell you why the deal makes perfect sense, how it helps get the team closer to a Bryan Reynolds extension and why manager Derek Shelton has to lock him intoContinue reading “Shelton Lineups Essential To Pirates Development”

Pirates Break Camp With New Hope As Spring Training comes to a close, we look at the Pittsburgh Pirates roster and talk surprises, promise and a lot of placeholders. We told you about Diego Castillo a while back, and now he’s an interesting major league roster addition. Who else will be joining this team soon (in addition to Oneil Cruz)?Continue reading “Pirates Break Camp With New Hope”

Talking Pirates With Justice delos Santos A few important questions are asked about Bryan Reynolds and his relationship with the Pirates. What is the long-term goal with the best player on the roster? We’ve got the new guy covering the Pittsburgh Pirates for, Justice delos Santos. He is very impressed so far with Mitch Keller and Oneil Cruz. CraigContinue reading “Talking Pirates With Justice delos Santos”

Oneil Cruz, Opening Day Pirates SS? The new CBA provides a possible benefit to promoting Oneil Cruz at the start of the season to the Pittsburgh Pirates. It also carries a possible penalty if the team holds him down. It is all risk-reward for Ben Cherington. We break down the scenarios and explain why it all comes down to money,Continue reading “Oneil Cruz, Opening Day Pirates SS?”

Pirates Baseball (And Mike Persak) Returns! Mike Persak of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette joins us to break down the start of Spring Training for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Who has a shot of making the team? When will we see some of the young prospects get their chance? Will Ben Cherington go after a bigger name in Free Agency? Is the planContinue reading “Pirates Baseball (And Mike Persak) Returns!”

New Rules May Mean New Problems As the CBA negotiations drag on, we chat about some new rule proposals that may show up when baseball resumes. It doesn’t take much to figure out how the new rules may lead to a slew of issues that will be funny to watch and maddening to those playing the game. Craig Toth coversContinue reading “New Rules May Mean New Problems”

Let’s Make A Deal? They went late into the night on Monday trying to hammer out a new CBA before MLB’s self-imposed deadline to prevent a delay to the 2022 season. We also have Daniel Victor from Prospects 1500 to tell you why Mitch Keller is about to turn a big corner…if we get to the season…maybe…who knows.Continue reading “Let’s Make A Deal?”

What Really Matters For The Pirates In 2022? Monday may have been the most progressive day in the CBA Negotiations thus far, but are you terribly concerned about what actually ends up in the final agreement? Sure we are going to break it all down for you, but then robot umps whisk us away to another part of the multiverse. Upon ourContinue reading “What Really Matters For The Pirates In 2022?”

A Pirates Spring Training On Hold Pitchers & catchers should be reporting this week. Instead we have slow-moving CBA negotiations. In the end, though, only one group is innocent and they will be hurt the most. Joe Drake from Prospects Live also joins us to talk about some exciting names he observed down on the farm. Craig Toth covers theContinue reading “A Pirates Spring Training On Hold”

The Most Dangerous Game Are you angry about the MLB Lockout? We’re with you. Let’s start throwing people out of baseball who make the game worse, and imagine the true reality behind ownership wealth. We go down a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories that may be wrapped in truth as Pirates fans wait for their game to return.Continue reading “The Most Dangerous Game”