Pirates Top 30 Prospect Trend Report

9-28-21 – By Justin Verno – @JV_PITT on Twitter Greetings from Ocean City Maryland where, between the beach and beers (OK, a lot of beers) I’ve been able to get this done. Man oh man what a great week for the Pirates system. A few real good looks here. To get into this I thinkContinue reading “Pirates Top 30 Prospect Trend Report”

Who’s Got The Tools?

Each prospect gets a grade for their “tools” and the Pittsburgh Pirates Top 30 are no different. Anyone that has ever studied MLB prospects, even for a second, sees the tool grades front and center. It gives you a snapshot of skills that each player possesses; a guideline to judge them by if you will.Continue reading “Who’s Got The Tools?”

Through The Prospect Porthole: The 2019 DSL Pirates2

With MLB Pipeline releasing their Top 30 Prospects last week , some people got their first glimpse into the “channel” from the Dominican Republic that the Pittsburgh Pirates have been trying to create over many years. Two members from the 2019 Dominican Summer League Pirates2 team that was so dominant found their way onto the list, landing at #24 (Alexander Mojica-3B) and #25 (RodolfoContinue reading “Through The Prospect Porthole: The 2019 DSL Pirates2”

Pittsburgh Pirates Top 30 Prospects: The Movers and Shakers Versus The Shook

Each year when MLB Pipeline puts out their Top 30 Prospect Lists for each team there are guys that rise up the charts, some with a bullet, and others that fall, not from grace, but more out of favor if you will. As I discussed in one of my latest articles the “fall” can occurContinue reading “Pittsburgh Pirates Top 30 Prospects: The Movers and Shakers Versus The Shook”

Pittsburgh Pirates Top 30 Prospects: Additions By Subtractions

On Wednesday March 4th MLB Pipeline released the Pittsburgh Pirates New Top 30 Prospects list for all the world to see. I know I am not the only one that was clamoring for this to be released, but I definitely think I was more anxious/excited/eager to see the results than many of you out there. AsContinue reading “Pittsburgh Pirates Top 30 Prospects: Additions By Subtractions”