Top Ten Pirates Questions & Answers in 2020

I have struggled all season, well, all twenty some games of it anyway, to understand what questions were actually being answered. Everybody seems to have an explanation, problem is each and every one leads to a contradiction point. Today, lets talk about some things I believe have been answered.

Top Ten – Buccos Who Celebrated Ten Years in Black and Gold

This list is all the “best” Pirates to spend ten seasons in the Black and Gold. It will obviously not have a large representation in the modern era, and it should be pretty obvious, if you’re on this list, you were a damn good ball player.

Top Ten Pirates Number 1 Picks Who Bombed

The scariest part of writing a piece like this is how easy it would be to put together a top 20. This must improve to be blunt, but the Pirates have a new sheriff in town, here’s hoping he can find gold in all five rounds the league is giving him.