Travis Swaggerty Moved to 60-Day IL – Likely Out for Season

This is nobody’s fault, injury is part of the game. Nobody knew 2020 was coming, He’s not a bust, not yet, not because of this. I have questions about his potential, but none that prevent me from thinking right or wrong he will get a shot at it.

Pirates Fans Are Anxious About Travis Swaggerty’s Timeline

As the Pittsburgh Pirates Affiliates began to roll out their rosters at the beginning of the month, just ahead of the May The Fourth Be With You Opening Day, I had some questions about Ben Cherington’s choices concerning roster assignments; most notably the decision to start Travis Swaggerty off in AAA. At that point IContinue reading “Pirates Fans Are Anxious About Travis Swaggerty’s Timeline”

Swaggerty to the Rescue! Yeah, Let’s Slow Down a Bit

Travis Swaggerty was drafted in 2018 in the first round by the Pittsburgh Pirates and of course that comes with expectation. Some of that expectation is related to his first round selection, some of it is based on who made the selection and his, um, track record of success.

Open Auditions Being Held: The Future Centerfielder of the Pittsburgh Pirates

For quite a few years, 13 to 14 by my estimation, there has always been a clear heir apparent who would tasked with the duty of patrolling centerfield at aaa for the Pittsburgh Pirates. As Chris Duffy, and at times Rajai Davis, were taking turns trying to hold down the middle of the outfield inContinue reading “Open Auditions Being Held: The Future Centerfielder of the Pittsburgh Pirates”