Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

I love doing these five thought pieces for the site. First of all, you have all been so wonderful with responses and those answers have led to full on columns more than once. It wasn’t intended as such but this has in many ways become a virtual pitch meeting! Here We Go!

  1. So, everyone wants live sports badly. I know more than a few people, one of which I may or may not see in the mirror everyday, who have taken to watching Marble Races. Who has watched a Chinese Professional Baseball game? Broadcasting in English as we speak. Maybe I’m not desperate enough yet, but I’m teetering.
  2. A tradition of charity has been a big part of the legacy the Pittsburgh Pirates have created. Roberto Clemente literally giving his life in the pursuit of humanitarianism is a guiding light that the franchise has followed ever since. What has been your favorite charitable contribution you’ve seen from the Bucs over this event? I’d probably have to say the pizza for the health care workers, or the blood drive led by Burdi.
  3. I’ve seen quite a bit of people posting themselves playing Wiffleball with their kids. First, I’m glad to see people playing it again but it got me thinking. Did anyone ever like using any bat that wasn’t the “banana bat”? That long yellow non-tapered joy that allowed you to crush a Wiffleball into next week? Did anyone else add weight to the bat with Duct tape? Who threw a wicked curve? Ghost runners? I think Joey Cora still looks like he’s using them sometimes.
  4. Dr. Fauci saying sports could start up under circumstances is nothing to really write home about. I mean if he said absolutely not and the president agrees and so do the governors, ok that would be a big deal. This changes nothing really and I just can’t find an angle to make myself believe it does.
  5. I understand the folks who want to see Dave Parker’s number retired in Pittsburgh, but I guess I have a more strict way of looking at it. To me, I don’t think anyone has been worthy since Stargell. I guess my criteria is something like this, played most of their career here, won it all, here, and at least have an argument for making the hall. Can you think of anyone outside of Parker who you’d even consider? Maybe Drabek? Also, Clemente should be retired league-wide.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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