5 Thoughts at Five

Happy Saturday! Beautiful day out there, do what you can to get up and enjoy. Here are some things to mull over while you’re out.

1. I think I may miss Stadium Nachos the most out of all the food at PNC. What do you miss?

2. Is it only me that feels like Colin Moran is going to leave Pittsburgh and blossom in his new home one day?

3. I feel like many Pirates fans are like an old Columbo flick. Just like Peter Falk portrayed, they know from the beginning who’s guilty (Nutting) and by god he’ll be guilty by the end.

4. Above all through this, we’ve been told to trust the science and listen to the doctors. Most of us have, so, why suddenly do we not trust the data here in Allegheny County?

5. I heard Derek Holland on The Fan with Dan Zangrilli, it was a great conversation and he paints a very nice picture of a tight clubhouse. I understand the sentiment that some of the players don’t want to be away from their families, but they must understand sales people feel that way too. We all must do our work, and what is required of us at any given time to do it. All of us. Baseball made many people rich, time to understand this is a job at times too.

Thoughts? Share them with us!

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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