I Couldn’t Bring Myself to Write About Baseball Yesterday

Craig and I launched this site right before Spring Training started, it seemed perfect timing for launching a baseball site as news comes every day and Craig being a prospect expert, yeah, perfect timing. Craig planned a trip to Bradenton to gather interviews and write daily from the scene.

As many of you read, he was at his first game of the trip when the announcement came. I was texting him updates about the wave of postponements and cancellations even as he was texting me updates about the game itself. None of us had a clue how long this would last and just how difficult it would be to keep baseball topical, let alone interesting. The point is not to seek pity for our decision, the point is that we kept going the entire time, only missing one other day since we launched the site.

Saturday, the city I grew up in and love had a peaceful protest hijacked by outside groups looking to serve their own agenda. It’s sad on every level, and the destruction of downtown property just as some of these companies were about to see Green status allow them to open is devastating.

2020 has been an absolute nightmare, really breaking news here huh.

Every road I go down writing right now seems wrong. I’m not qualified to write about the underlying race issues we face as a nation, and I don’t believe that is our place as a baseball site anyway. I can’t write about the negotiations anymore, until they make news beyond snipes at each other, I’ve exhausted all the space I care to take up with my opinion until there is more. Even the player’s recent rebuttal is sure to be painted as non-starter by some.

I didn’t feel appropriate putting out a Sunday Service, just felt too cute for the mood and time we were in.

There is one common theme that could help many of these situations, good faith and listening. Listening without good faith will do nothing but placating. Good faith without listening will do nothing but virtue signal.

The greatest nations in history have fallen because they believed themselves too great to do so. A nation, or league, divided, cannot stand.

Listen to each other but do it with real understanding. You don’t have to agree, you just have to respect. I can tell you one thing for sure; I’m not qualified to speak to the complexities of the situation we face as a nation. As a middle-aged white guy, I can tell you from my childhood until now, I’ve seen open racism nearly disappear from daily life. Now, I’m not ignorant to the fact it still exists, but it is no longer proudly flaunted as it was in my youth.

I’ve always taken that as a good sign, but clearly there is more work to do. We’re going to get back to business today. Baseball business. If you don’t feel right reading it, I understand, it might be a while before I feel completely right writing it too.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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